Dividend Reinvestment Program

In June 2020, Bank First instituted a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP), with the goal of making it easier for shareholders to purchase our stock. This program allows both registered and “street name” holders to use their cash dividends to automatically purchase additional shares on a quarterly basis. This benefit is available through our transfer agent, Computershare, as well as through major brokers like TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and Morgan Stanley, among others. A copy of the Plan Prospectus is available below. It describes the Plan benefits and eligibility, and explains stock purchases and sales through the Plan.

The process for registering for the DRIP is quick and easy! 

Step 1: If you hold your shares with Computershare, you can obtain a copy of the enrollment form and prospectus by visiting www.computershare.com/investor.

Step 2: If you have not set up an online account, do so by choosing “Register Now.”

Step 3: After you have logged into your account, choose “Manage Investment Plans.” You will be guided through the process of enrolling in the DRIP.

If you do not have an online account and wish to enroll using a paper form, please contact the Investor Relations Team at Bank First by calling (920) 652-3360.

View the Dividend Reinvestment Plan Prospectus

View the Direct Debit Authorization

View the Enrollment Form

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